Got questions about Christianity?
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Oh yea... and we're utilizing the latest AI technology to do it.

Biblically Sound

We have a high bar when it comes to theologically sound answers about the bible.

Technologically Advanced

We use the latest AI technology such as ChatGPT, Bard, or other LLMs to answer your questions about the bible.

Incredibly Simple

Type a question & get an answer… it’s really that easy.

Your Toughest Questions, Answered. 

Enjoy the best of
bible and technology combined together.

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Main Features

These features and more…

FAST Responses
Mobile Friendly
Incredibly Biblical
Incredibly High-tech
Our story

On a mission to see if AI can provide truthful, helpful answers to your bible questions.

“There’s no better use of time than time spent for the kingdom.”

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Our philosophy

AI is cool. Why not use it to help you discover or grow your faith?

There are certainly dangers when it comes to offloading theological study to AI, but there are also many benefits and we’re on a mission to prove (or disprove) it.

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“It’s surprisngly good at offering helpful and biblical perspective. I like that it can personalize the answer to my specific question. Very fascinating!”

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Latest Questions

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